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Natural Nails

Just like all other fashions, nail trends seem to go through phases. We’ve recently seen the reemergence of the super long nails that feature multiple colors, nail art, acrylics, gels, gems and more. Now it’s time to get back to basics with natural nails. Find out what’s involved in a natural nail manicure and what you can do to get your nails healthier and your hands and fingers looking great.

While nail polish itself is not particularly damaging to nails in general, it is the acetone in nail polish remover that can be unhealthy. The effects of acetone can be especially damaging in the removal of a gel manicure where nails must be soaked in the remover for some time to take off the polish…and this still might not do the trick! If that is the case, polish is sometimes scraped off the nails, which can be even more destructive.

Acrylic nails can also cause damage as acetone is used to soften adhesive and layers of the nail can be removed along with the fake nail. All this can result in nails that are brittle and dry with damage to the nail bed that can be unsightly.

A natural nails manicure allows nails to take a breather from the toxic chemicals that may be used in the application and removal of fake nails and gels. They allow your nails to take a break from polish so that they can become strong and healthy. Here is an example of what you can expect from a natural manicure:

Buffing Cream or Scrub: Working like a facial for your nails, buffing creams work to scrub the residue of polish and harmful removers from your nail beds and cuticles. While there are many products on the market you can buy for this purpose, you can also make your own at home by adding some coconut oil to your favorite facial exfoliator.

Hydrating Oil: This will work to keep your nail beds hydrated, reversing any damage done by lights and polishes. Any clean oil will do, including face oils. They are super gentle so you can use these as often as needed.

Nail Perfector: Once nails are buffed and hydrated, a nail perfector is applied. This will give your nails a nice, smooth appearance. They are filled with growth stimulating nutrients that can hide blemishes bruises, scrapes and ridges. Some products are available with a subtle tint giving the effect of a very light polish.

Invest in a Good Nail File: If you really want great looking nails, it’s important to maintain a good length. Nails that are too short can look unhealthy and nails that are too long can get dirty. As opposed to clippers, files will help you maintain a perfect length and shape.

Beauty experts recommend using a glass file. They are preferable to sandpapery files because they prevent your nails from splitting. Most glass files also feature a pointed tip which can come in handy if dirt gets under your nails.

To keep your nails in great shape, keep a file in your purse at all times.

When You’re Ready to Polish

After getting your nails back into healthy shape, you may choose to forego nail polish completely, especially if you are enjoying how the Nail Perfector makes your hands look. However, if you do opt to go back to nail polish, stick to semi-opaque and cool tones that will go along with the nude, natural nail trend.

For the Toes

But a natural nail treatment is not only for the hands! They can also be for feet which are prone to calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails and more. These pedicures focus on the health of the foot and nail and can leave your feet looking so good, you won’t even need polish!

A natural nail treatment for toes will typically start with a foot bath which will serve to cleanse feet and relax muscles. Feet and nails are then further sterilized with bacterial cleansing wash. Then toenails are clipped short to reduce chances of ingrown toenails occurring. Nails are then buffed with a glass nail file that will minimize the chances of nails tearing or becoming damaged.

Next a number of files are used to buff feet all over, from the back of the ankles to the tips of the toes. This will serve to remove dead skin and calluses.

The next step will be to apply oil and push back and cut the cuticles. And, if you are lucky, the final step will be a heavenly foot massage!

While you can do many things at home to keep your nails, feet and hands healthy and looking their best, it’s a good idea to visit a professional salon on a regular basis. A good salon will offer expert services to get your nails in great shape. Love Nail Salon offers a variety of manicures and pedicures that are not so much about the polish, but more about keeping your hands and feet healthy. Their services include cuticle care, exfoliation, callus treatment, healthy soaks and more.

Love Nail Salon is located in Miami Beach – South Beach in Florida. Not only to they provide great manis and pedis, they offer waxing and facial services designed to get you looking and feeling great. They are known for their convenient, 24/7 booking, helpful and knowledgeable staff and clean professional facility.

If your nails have been in hiding under heavy gels, shellacs and acrylics, it’s time to give them a break. Get your nails into shape and get ready to show your natural nails loud and proud. These great tips, as well as Love Nail Salon’s expertise can get you on the road to healthier hands. So book your appointment today and find out why everybody loves Love.

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